Our Mission Statement
Unity Chapel provides a safe, supportive environment that embraces spiritual exploration and the practive of the Unity way of life.

Church Activities

You are invited to our regular activities:

Celebration-of-Life Service:   Sundays at 10:30 am

Unity Courses:   Sundays at 12:30 pm

'Garden-of-Growth' Prayer Ministry:   Thursdays at  3:00 pm
Unity Chapel  invites you to attend any of our program of activities. If you have further questions, we are pleased to assist you. In addition to our regular services and activities, Unity Chapel sponsors workshops, seminars, special holiday services, coffeehouses, potlucks, and  numerous other special programs.
Our Vision Statement
Unity Chapel is an evolving community, guided by and under the direction of Spirit.  Through recognizing the Christ in each person, we are fostering an atmosphere of peace, love, openness, and honesty within our ministry.