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Unity Audio Prayers
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Unity Prayers with Rev. Virgil
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This page was last updated on: December 17, 2015

1:  Prayer of Release
2:  Prayer for Centering 
3:  Prayer of Gratitude
4:  Prayer of Trust
5:  Prayer of Guidance
Select a one-minute audio prayer from Reverend Virgil Brewer by clicking a title. Each prayer is uplifting, renewing, reassuring, supportive, comforting, and fulfilling. 

Unity teaches that God is good all-the-time, ever present within you, always comforting, guiding, and inspiring you. Prayer is to help you become receptive to Spirit. So, identify with the personal pronoun 'I' in these prayers, as if you are praying the words.
6:  Prayer of Peace
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7:  Prayer of Transformation
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8:  Prayer of Healing
1-Minute Audio Prayers
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You may listen to a  prayer at any time and as often as  you choose.  May each prayer bring inspiration, comfort, and reassurance to you. And share them with your family and  friends as well.  Blessings.