Spiritual Essays of Virgil Brewer

Spiritual Essays of Reverend Virgil Brewer

Listed below are a collection of more than seventy short, but  indepth spiritual essays by Reverend Virgil Brewer. Just click an essay title to explore thought-provoking ideas about God, life, relationships, and many other interesting topics. Virgil has an innovative, often humorous, writing style as he shares his unique world-view.

If you would like to discuss any essay with Virgil, send him an Email, Snail-mail, or simply give him a call at Unity Chapel. Contact information is found at the bottom of this page. You might also wish for Virgil to write on a particular theme in a future essay.

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2   Budding Forth of New Life
1   On Love
3   Letter to a Friend
4   Incredible Teachings
5   Gratitude For My Dictionary
6   Story-telling at Christmastime
7   Brand New Convertible Year
8   You Can Always Begin Again
12   Shopping for a Manger
11   Mary & Martha Consciousness
25   About This Thing Called Love
10   Who Operates Your Computer
9   Honoring Mom and Pop
16   So Where Is God?
15   A Holiday For Kids
13   You Are Not Your Mind
14   Security or Liberty?
18   The Spirit of Thanksgiving
17   The Lord's Prayer - 1
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19   Busy-Holics Anonymous
20   The Peter-Principle
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22   When a Student is Ready
21   Gateway to the Spirit
24   Meditation Re-defined
23   Take Off Your Shoes
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Metaphysical Essays
 by Reverend Virgil Brewer
26   Autobiography of a Prodigal Son
27   A Snapshot of Your Life
28   Child-like Faith & Cheerful Heart
29   Educated in the School of Life
30   The Return of Jesus to Earth
31   Taking Love to the Next Level
32   Principles of Creativity - #1
33   Principles of Creativity - #2
34   Somewhere In Time
35   Who Was That Masked Man?
36   Releasing Your Untapped Potential
37   A Loving Creature of Habit
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38   Gazing Through the Unity Window
39   Principles of Creativity - #3
40   The Feminine Side of God
41   What Do You Know ... For Sure?
42   The Virgilian Calendar
43   A Feeling or a Thought -- Which?
44   Sleep On, Dreamer!
45   Using Your Imagination
46  What's Freedom all About
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47  Interpreting the Bible Metaphysically
48  The Country Doctor's Advice
49  Your "Spiritual" Calendar
50  How an Elephant Prepares for Easter
51  Thinking -- the Logic of our Brains
53  The Lord's Prayer - part 1
54  The Lord's Prayer - part 2
52  Experience Your Spiritual Essence
55  When You Consider Love ...
56  Nature and Her Secrets
57  Love:  The Greatest Enduring Quality
58  Was Jesus a Standup Comic?
59  A Dialogue: You and your Emotions
60  The Most Blessed Person of All
61  The Incredible Teachings of Jesus
62  Love Knows How To Love
63  The Language of the Heart
64  God Takes A Vacation
65  Gratitude: The Gateway to Guidance
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66  Become as a Little Child
67  Parable of the Prodigal Daughter
68  Has Anyone Seen Jessica Christ?
69  Comparing Religion and Science
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70  Resurrection of the Aloe Plants
71  Free-Will and Love
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72  Did Jesus and Paul have an NDE?
73  Three Basic Universal Concepts
74  The Symbol of Jesus Christ
75    Does God Hear Non-Christian Prayers?
76  A Christmas Letter from a Mother
77  Three Ettas and a Lulu
78  About Resurrection-and Reincarnation
79  Amos 'n' Andy and the Bible
80  Teachings of Jesus on Children
81  The Gal in the Bathroom Mirror
Reverend Virgil
82  Two Christian Holidays in 30 Days
83  Transitioning a New-You in 21 Days
84   A Flying Machine with Multi-colored Wings
85   Affirming Love for a Wedding Ceremony
86   Incredible Demonstration of Forgiveness
87  Things Are Thoughts!
88  Einstein and Jesus -- Both a Genius
89 The Finale of MARK and ACTS
90  Jesus on Salvation: Jewish or Christian?
91  When Did You First Find UNITY?
92  Please Pass the Salt
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