Listed below are some of the memorable themes presented as classes, seminars, and workshops by Virgil Brewer.  Titles followed by a star indicate a course based upon a popular book of the same title.
The Incredible Teachings of the Master
Dealing with our Emotions
The Heart-Meditation Technique
The Principles of Letting-Go
The Shack   *
The Secret  *
Discover the Power Within You  *
A Complaint-Free World
Seven Steps for Healing an Emotion
The Seat of the Soul  *
The Parables of the Master
Jonathan Livingston Seagull  *
The Universal Principles of Life
Practical Steps to Meditation 
Lessons in Truth  *
Prayer: A Personal Relationship with God
Using the Beatitudes of Jesus
Learning About Codependency
Interpreting Your Dreams
The Creative Process of Life
People Who Love Too Much  *
Spiritual Economics  *
The Lord's Prayer of Oneness
Musical Meditations of St. John
The Humanity of Jesus
You Can Have It All  *
The Power of Now  *
A New Earth  *
Fundamental Concepts of Unity
Making Metaphysics Practical
Building a Prayer Consciousness
For 40 years, Reverend Virgil Brewer has been presenting the metaphysical Truth message at Unity Chapel. A life-long researcher of the Bible, Virgil reveals to his students a mystical understanding of both the life and teachings of Jesus that many have come to deeply appreciate. 
Just a little taste ...
Reverend Virgil

Reverend Virgil
Our Unity Minister
is retiring on December 31, 2016 

Just a Brief Sketch
Greetings  from   Rev. Virgil
Unity: Learning the Principles
Unity: Applying the Principles
The Quest *
The Beatitudes of Jesus
Keep a True Lent *
The Meditation Experience
The Lord's Prayer
Radical Forgiveness
Principles and Prayers
Compassionate Communication
A Complaint-Free World
Seven Habits of Highly Successful People *
Learning the Principles of Prosperity
Everything You Always Wanted 
                 to Know . . .  About the Bible
Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams
Conversations With God *
Discovering the Bible
Being-In-Balance *
Reinventing the Body -- Resurrecting the Soul *
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success *
Learning to Love Without Conditions *
Metaphysical Discussions
The Lost Secrets of Prayer *
Let's Explore Meditation
Learning to Create Affirmations
Excuse Me -- Your Life is Waiting *
Stories Around the Christmas Tree
Exploration Into NDE's
​A Working Model for LOVE
The Surrender Experiment *
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