Welcome Reverend Anita,
Our New Unity Minister

Board President, Martha Washington, 
and Reverend Anita Graham
Following the Sunday Service on February 5th, our congregation welcomed Reverend Anita Graham, giving full support to their new Unity minister. A reception was held afterward in Fellowship Hall in her honor.
Reverend Virgil Retires

                                               Reverend  Virgil  Brewer  has  served as
                                               minister  at Unity Chapel  for  the  past 40
                                               years and eagerly looks forward to his new
                                               life  adventure. Having an avid  interest in
                                               spirituality, Virgil shall continue to devote                                                his energies in  research as well as writing
                                               and speaking in other venues.
                                                     "No one can claim to be so  richly  
                                                     blessed as I while  serving as your
                                                     minister  these  awesome years.  I 
                                                     don't  think of  this  as  retirement,
                                                     but as  an  open  door  for  another
                                                     career opportunity."

Virgil considers himself to be a man with two countries and shall remain at his home in Windsor, Ontario. A pool enthusiast, he'll continue to develop his skills playing 8-ball and 9-ball in leagues and tournaments. 

Reverends Virgil and Anita have enjoyed serving together during the past several months in order to facilitate a smooth transition. 

Click here to go to Virgil's website.