Wedding Chapel in Southgate, Michigan


  You may visit
  Unity Chapel
    during our
  business hours:

Tuesday - Friday  
   3:00 - 7:00 pm

  Give us a call to
      schedule an

What does Unity Chapel have to offer you?

        *   You will be thrilled with our beautifully decorated
             chapel and flexible wedding arrangements

        *   We provide a Unity minister for wedding, rehearsal, and

        *   Our musician plays the traditional organ music

        *   Comfortable seating for 120 guests

        *   Economical Pricing:   A complete wedding package
                                               for only $525

        *   Smaller Wedding Packages at minimal cost are also available
      Unity Chapel
    14951 Northline
Southgate, MI  48195
    We are EASY to find:
        Just 3/4 mile east of I-75
      1/2 mile west of Dix/Toledo
  (734)  285-7722
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